About Heart of Womanhood

Why Heart of Womanhood?

If you are like most moms, your heart desires to draw closer to Jesus and your daughter. The desire is there. You want to live as a Christ-confident mom and develop a Christ-confident daughter, but HOW? Equipping moms and mentors through dynamic Bible Studies that show HOW is WHY the Heart of Womanhood resources were created. Our heartbeat is to strengthen God’s heartbeat in moms and daughters!

Designed with moms/mentors in mind

In a world offering a mess of “good” things, many times we miss out on what’s “best,” right? The temporary takes front seat to the eternal. The urgent overshadows the truly important. Into this frustrating framework, Heart of Womanhood Bible studies offer one way to redeem our time and refocus our relationships on God and each other. Meeting around kitchen tables and church classrooms, HoW Bible Studies offer moms a simple, engaging way to prioritize and to invest in the next generation.

Designed for daughters in mind

Whether you enjoy the Heart of Womanhood studies one-on-one or form a small “Heart Group” with other moms and daughters, these resources are designed for young women 8-18 years old. The lessons are flexible and fast-paced, fresh and super fun! They add confidence and Christ-likeness, dimension and depth, bright strokes of color and community to your spiritual connection with the younger generation entrusted to your care.


A creative Bible study resource

Bible studies are at the heart of the Heart of Womanhood ministry. There are many daughter-raising plans available, but we believe that when moms/mentors and daughters engage in the study of God’s Word, our lives will be transformed, our minds renewed, our families fortified, and our daughters equipped for God’s best!

Our goals are to empower God’s girls to view the Bible as both personal and practical; to become “lovers” of God’s Word PLUS “do-ers” of His life-changing truth. We do not expect moms to be “perfect,” have Bible degrees, or be gifted communicators. We pray simply for moms to actively encourage God-honoring relationships and real-life application from studying the Bible together! The result? We believe God will bless your hearts!

A communication catalyst

Heart of Womanhood Bible studies are inter-woven with engaging questions and hands-on activities designed to encourage heart to heart discussion. Written in an easy to use “read through” style, the flexible format allows moms to initiate meaningful conversations and to personalize these resources for your specific life situations.

Further, we believe that the Holy Spirit guides godly moms to discuss and discover what her daughter needs at each and every moment, so we encourage you to adapt this Bible study framework as God leads. With God’s help, building strong lines of communication with your daughter during these important years, can lead to a lifetime of learning and growing together.

A simple commitment to build “community”

Modern-day parents quickly commit to weekly dance classes, sports practice, and musical lessons. How much more important is it to commit to the spiritual training of our next generation? Intentionally setting aside a block of time consistently for Heart Group Bible Study communicates loudly to our daughters what we consider to be of highest importance.

Heart Groups begin simply by inviting several moms and daughters in your sphere of friendship to meet for six weeks to cover the first Frame of lessons. Meeting in homes is optimal, but not essential. Most groups continue meeting following their initial commitment. We pray that young women who are mother-less for any reason will find “family” by being adopted into your “Heart Groups.” Together you will learn from women in God’s Word and from each other. Women need each other! We are designed by God to be stronger together!

A Creative Paint by numbers approach

Each lesson in our first series not only highlights the Portrait of a biblical woman to study but also suggests a hands-on project to apply God’s Word to our daily lives! Our paint-by-numbers approach to inter-generational Bible study makes each lesson low in preparation-high on application. A free “Heart Instructors Manual” is available as your very own Step-by-Step “HoW to” Guide for leading. Like a “paint by numbers” kit, we hope that you find everything you need to draw your Hearts of Womanhood closer to Jesus and each other! So whether you are a mom, grandmother, aunt, older sister, troop leader, church leader, mentor, single momma, or struggling momma, Heart of Womanhood is for YOU! As you unveil His Word together, God’s glory will be more beautifully unveiled in your own hearts and homes as His amazing works of Heart.