Speaking & Encouraging

Lifting up Christ and encouraging Mothers and Daughters
through live Chalk Art Presentations

Picture yourself as the canvas and God as your Master Artist. This creative chalk art experience (based on Ephesians 2:10) highlights each person’s worth as God’s work of art. Whether the dramatic black marks on the large-scale artwork represent our sin or our circumstances, all will leave with confidence in the One who specializes in transforming our messes into His Masterpieces!
In our fast-paced society our hearts can stay as empty as our mini-van fuel tanks. Busy lives drain us dry. In contrast, this encouraging chalk art worship and teaching (from Psalm 42 and John 4) communicates God’s offer of continual refreshment from the stream of His truth and grace. Each heart that comes empty will leave full and “well” rested so that together we can love and lead full lives from God’s powerful overflow!
In some area of our lives, we can all relate to feeling like an “underdog.” Life’s obstacles can knock us down and its storms can take us under mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. However, instead of living “under” in this life, this moving chalk art experience (drawn from God’s overcoming truths woven throughout the New Testament) raises our gaze to glimpse and grasp the perspective, the power, and the position God has made possible for us through Jesus Christ. Through Him, each heart will leave inspired to live courageously as God’s overcomer!
Light always overcomes darkness. Always. Beginning with a dark black canvas, this colorful fast-paced chalk art experience illustrates how God brings His light to our darkness…always! By illuminating the truth of Matthew 5:16 the audience will be challenged to SEE God’s brightness and BE God’s lightness in this dark world. Like a lighthouse, Christ provides His protection and direction to keep our lives on course so that we can set our sails to be a brighter reflection of God’s glory. This chalk art worship will certainly be a bright spot for all who attend!
Whether you are 8, 18 or 88, God has placed the desire within each woman’s heart to be loved. Like a personalized wedding album, from Genesis to Revelation God’s love story romantically pictures His love for us as His Beloved Bride. Together, we will have a royal ball highlighting a bridal snapshot from 2 Corinthians 3:18 in these lovely moments of chalk art ministry. Designed to unveil how God fills the hearts of women both to “be loved” BY Christ, and to “be love” FOR Christ to others, this experience will BE LOVED by everyone!
There is a constant steam of messages being heard by both our ears and our hearts. The question is: Who are you listening to? This powerful chalk art experience (drawn from the backdrop of 1 Samuel 3) will speak to the heart of each person. Whether you are a middle schooler or middle-aged mom, God is calling those who will carefully and prayerfully “listen” to His voice with hearts to obey. As we hear from Him, then our voices will be those that others can listen to and learn from. Yes, listening precedes leadership. As we listen to God more intently, we will be able to lead more intentionally! Here’s to hearing from God in new and creative ways.
There are moments when we God desires us to raise our faith and our flags to new heights. In this patriotic presentation the audience will celebrate both the freedom we enjoy as Christians and as Americans. Both are the result of sacrifice and both require our utmost respect and responsibility. These moments filled with heart stirring music, message, and a chalk art masterpiece will challenge everyone to pledge their allegiance to the One who died so all can live boldly in this land of the free and home of the brave. His blessing will come to us as Christians and as a country only if In God We Trust!

Heart for Art!

In addition to writing the Heart of Womanhood Bible Study materials, Kim has a heart for art! Specifically, live chalk art worship. Her speaking ministry is called “Drawn to Him” and the goal is to lift up Christ and encourage mothers and daughters through these presentations.

John 12:32 “Jesus said,…“And I, when I am lifted up…will DRAW all people to myself.”

“Drawn to Him” visually communicates the spiritual picture that each life is a masterpiece designed by God! Through the fast-paced blending of chalk art, music, and my own story, Kim strives to show how God’s faithfulness has served as the backdrop for her colorful life.

Kim believes with with every stroke of experience, God is creatively drawing you closer to Christ! You may laugh or cry (or both) as God touches you through your time together. It’s her prayer that “Jesus be lifted up and that you leave DRAWN closer to Him!”

Speaking Requests

If Kim’s love for God and His girls can bless your group with an encouraging biblical message and large-scale chalk art presentations, please reach out to us now!

Inquire about having Kim speak at your next event!

“Occasionally we come across a resource or tool at Country Lake that can take a theme, sermon or concept to a new level and provide a powerful message both visually and verbally. Chalk Art is just that. It offers a powerful message combining scripture, music and art that appeals to almost everyone and drives home an inspiring message. We have hosted Kim’s Chalk Art on several occasions because it appeals to audiences of all ages, delivers a powerful gospel message and because it is often requested by our guests. Most recently, Kim offered a compelling 30 minute session called Mess to Masterpiece, which complimented our Masterpiece theme based on Ephesians 2:10. She knocked it out of the park!!

Ross Knecht, Executive Director Country Lake Christian Retreat Center

“The art of storytelling and the power behind it have been evident since the beginning of time. Jesus Himself was the Master Storyteller and used his stories to move the hearts of followers to the heart of God. Kim follows Christ’s example as a true storyteller… not just with words, but with active and compelling art! She uses music, chalk, lighting, suspense and words in a way that engages the audience of today. She engages them not just for the sake of entertainment, but to move the hearts of the audience closer to the heart of a Loving Father. I’m thankful that she has a platform to reach others in such a powerful way! Seeing the Creator’s heart through the creations of Kim is a beautiful experience.”

Jen, Elevate Dance Ministry

“Combining Kim’s unique gift of chalk art with worship music proved to be such a meaningful opportunity for our event attendees. The quiet gasps as women began to realize what Kim was drawing gave proof of their focused and intense involvement with the Drawn to HIM experience. Our whole chalk talk worship time was made sweeter through Kim’s message of biblical truth and loving encouragement. We enjoyed her so much, we asked Kim to return again the next year!”

Karen Harper, Women's Advance (annual women's conference)

“We had about 100 middle schoolers sitting and chatting in the bleachers, but when Kim lowered the lights and started the music, they gave her all their attention. As she applied chalk to the canvass a majestic scene developed and the theme of a light on a hill was evident. When she added a distant cross the message hit home to each student there that they were to be a light in the darkness for Jesus! Kim’s presentation is a fantastic way to plant biblical principles into the over stimulated minds of our young people!”

Mark Eaton, Public Middle School Teacher

“Kim has been a special friend and valued ministry colleague for many years! I know I can count on her to present the story of God’s love and the good news of Jesus in ways that children of all ages will find captivating. Kim is a wonderful steward of the amazing talents God has given. We have partnered on many occasions, and will surely do so again!”

David Garrard, Minister to Children