About Diane Cullen

Diane loves being on journey with Jesus. She continues to grow in grace while learning to walk victoriously as His warrior girl. Her passion is to encourage others to grow in knowledge, and to walk in the calling God has for them. She has been blessed in life to be married to Tom for over 30 years. Her four sons and one daughter have been her joy. She loves hiking, kayaking, and anything to do with water. She also enjoys designing beautiful and welcoming spaces where people can gather to connect and create memories. She is a member of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville. She is currently writing her first book.

Looking Back…

Each summer we look forward to more margins and more family time, right? This season also offers most of us needed moments of reflection---of looking back. July's Heart of Womanhood blog is written by a seasoned momma who looks back so her Heavenly Father can give her His perspective to live forward as a confident [...]

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Unexpected Adventures

In a world where we try to control as much as possible, one thing we know as mommas is to "expect the unexpected!" This month's From the Heart Blog is a creative dialogue between a mother daughter pair (Diane and Christina Cullen). As each describes her own unique perspectives on an Unexpected Adventure, we will [...]

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The work of His hands

A powerfully bold brushstroke within the Heart of Womanhood ministry is HOW God has designed us to learn FROM each other. To learn WITH each other. Our creative God knew from the beginning that we are better together. We need each other in order to make disciples who make disciples. Through our Portraits Bible Studies, [...]

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