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Becoming green thumb girls

It’s “green week” in Kentucky! Although I believe in recycling, the “green week” I’m referring to highlights the sprouting of trees rather than the saving of them. These are the days when you peer out your window to see the bare brown trees and bushes that are now bursting with green leaves. The redbuds, dogwoods, [...]

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Targeted parenting

April brings celebrations of new life on many levels at the Wigginton home. We celebrate our new life in Christ through Easter traditions. We celebrate new life as we see the trees and flowers blooming as spring arrives. But in our house we also have several April birthdays to commemorate! So whether it’s purchasing supplies [...]

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State of the heart: Art

The Heart of Womanhood Ministry is drawn from Ephesians 2:10 which paints a personalized picture of how God views YOU saying, “You are God’s work of ART, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which He prepared in advance for you to do.”   […]

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State of the heart: Application

Set apart from the bookstore shelves filled with Bible studies that are heavy on theology but light on practicality, the heart of this ministry is to design creative “state of the art” resources to put feet to our faith, hands-on projects that weave biblical principles into our everyday lives. […]

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State of the heart: Intergenerational Appeal

When our three daughters (Teal, Tori, and Tress) were between the ages of 8-18, I went searching for resources that are specifically designed for mothers and daughters (and even grandmothers, aunts and so on) to experience together. Finding very limited options specifically designed for intergenerational study, I began to develop a series of lessons based [...]

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State of the heart: Approach

It’s the way your heart smiles when a dear friend opens the door and invites you in for an encouraging visit. You take deep refreshing breaths, finding a comfortable place on the couch. You’re in a place where you are wanted, loved, and secure; this place feels like “home.” […]

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