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Kim Wigginton is a Christ follower. Married to Steve for over 35 years, they live blessed by their three grown daughters and son-in-law. With a heart for encouraging other moms and their girls, Kim is author of the Portraits Bible Study Series and founder of Heart of Womanhood Ministry. An uplifting writer and speaker, Kim enjoys creative arts and athletics, sunshine and smiles, God's Word and God's girls! She lives in Louisville, Kentucky and serves with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Heart of Womanhood, and Drawn to Him Chalk Ministries.

BeYOUtiful Summer

Like re-reading a meaningful book or re-watching a favorite movie, this month's Heart of Womanhood Blog is a re-play. Why? Because this momma needed to be reminded of these truths----again! I'm guessing many of you are in the same boat with me. So let's dive into the BeYOUtiful Summer of 2024 together...   This summer [...]

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Father, May I?

Remember the childhood game of Mother, may I? It’s an activity where one child plays “Mother” while all the other children position themselves on the opposite side of the room or yard. Each playmate takes turns asking “Mother, may I take three large hops?” OR “Mother, may I take five giant steps?” etc. With each [...]

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Turning March Madness into Gladness

It's March y'all! Can you hear it? It's the sound of the NCAA March Madness theme song playing on your TV in the family room. It's also the sound of the hamster wheel cranking up its velocity for spring? It's playoff and tournament time for winter sports while conditioning for spring sports has already begun. [...]

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Visionary Moms

I was 35,000 feet up in the air when it happened the first time. While flying to speak at a church my gaze shifted from the clouds around the aircraft to the open Bible in my lap. As I began to review the passage for the “Chalk Talk” that night, I noticed that God’s Word [...]

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Are you a Christmas card person?

The Wiggintons are Christmas card people. We like to send Christmas cards. We like to receive Christmas cards. We’ve always been Christmas card people. When I said “I Do” to my husband in 1985, I said “I do” to many things! One desire my husband made perfectly clear during our engagement was that he’d like [...]

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Teaching ThanksLiving

It’s hard to believe that we have officially turned the calendar to November, right? Thanksgiving is coming soon—but the opportunity to teach ThanksLIVING to our kiddos is for TODAY! Whether our “children” are 2 or 32, God has positioned us as “teachers” NOW to prepare the hearts of the next generation to live thankfully—all year [...]

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Becoming a Barista Mom

When they were youngins, shared stories around the dinner table or walks to neighborhood playgrounds were fun family connection points. In a sweet season with daughters who now have “nests” of their own, one of my favorite connection points is a throw back of the good ol’ days. You see, “now-a-days” Teal, Tori, Tress, and [...]

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BeYOUtiful Summer

This summer definitely heated up. The hours and days of anticipated margins filled up during these vacation months quicker than the neighborhood swimming pool. And this momma? Well, I feel like I'm doggie paddlin' to keep my head above water---yet again! You too? Well, the more I chat with my Jesus loving sisters, it seems [...]

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Nailed it!

Last month my thoughtful husband gifted me (and our three daughters) with manicures for Valentine’s Day! Sweeter than a box of chocolates, getting our nails beautified was a special treat for the Wigginton women. Steve nailed it with one gift that fit us all. Although the ministries God has called me to enjoy with teen [...]

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