As a surprise it pops up occasionally on my computer. Regardless of what document is being drafted or tab is opened, the faint image of a computer keyboard or mouse alongside the words “Connection Lost” takes center stage on my screen. As a safety feature, this discreet message comes as an important cue to check my connection to the power source or to the internet. If I choose to ignore the warning, any work in progress is at risk of being “closed” or “lost” or “shut down”. For my computer—connection produces power!  And quick response to the surprise warning can reclaim the powerful connection.

Connection Produces Power.

This past week, “surprise” snow, ice, and prolonged single digit temperatures produced a different kind of “surprise” for even our southern states. Yes. Many of us experienced a “surprise winter break” that reinforced the truth that connection produces power! The forecast brought back to memory the ice storm that coated Kentucky a few years ago and the powerful lesson God taught me through it.

That winter the white blanket that God placed on our area initially brought snowy-white smiles to all our faces. However, within the first hour, the landscape of our attitudes changed. The sound of an electrical power surge brought sudden frowns as our power received a “knock-out blow” from the snow and ice storm. Though delighted by the snow, our powerlessness changed everything. Tapping into our pioneer spirit, we could pretend that everything was fine for a brief while but soon…no heat, dark faced clocks, computers, microwaves, appliances, and lamps meant that without the power lines reconnected, our usual activities would be difficult if not impossible!

Isn’t it the same with me as a mom and God’s power? As long as there is a strong connection between my God and me, I’ve got THE power!!! However, when storms arise or a virus of sin attacks, my connection is easily lost…and with the surge goes my power source!

Colossians 2:19 flashes a faint word image that warns “those who have lost connection with the head”. On super busy days in my childhood, I remember my farm-raised momma sputtering, “We’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off!” During this challenging season, constant change has become the constant. On-again-off-again school and athletic schedules, new restrictions, and moment-by-moment adjustments can cause momma hens and our chicks to be “running ‘round with our heads cut off.” Yes ma’am, all these “surprise storms,” can quickly unplug us.

Powerlessness can result from being unplugged.

Many days I struggle with an unnecessary power shortage when Christ stands as my eternal connection. Looking outside through the snow and ice, God reminded me of this as I saw that even the electrical power lines for our house are held on a strong wooden cross! (See Blog photo) O, that this chick would learn to not run through my days disconnected. Instead, I pray to daily remain connected with the cross of Christ! Only by His constant power restored will I experience His power over sin, power through storms, and power to complete whatever task He places before me. In the same way our connection to our daughters can remain strong as we stay connected to them through studying God’s Word together. Heart of Womanhood Bible Studies are designed to establish and strengthen that powerful connection to Jesus and each other!

Connection Lost.

I am now thankful for the “connection lost” warning system that my computer provides. Even more, I praise God’s Holy Spirit warning system that prompts me to check my connection with Him. Despite the forecast for more storms in this life, this momma knows that there are just too many power shortages that could be avoided in my life simply by keeping strongly connected to Christ.

Connected to Christ.

Well ladies, the lights in our house are now glowing. The clocks are blinking. Heat is blowing warm from the floor vents. We have connection. We have full power. In my life, I love plugging into Philippians 4:13. The Amplified Bible relates, “I have power for all things in Christ Who empowers me. I am ready for anything and equal to everything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me.”

Winter may be waning. But every season has its storms. When faced with life’s upcoming storms I am praying that none of our families “go without power!” Since Christ made the powerful connection possible, all we must do is keep plugged into Him.

Another faint image appears on my computer screen…this time it reads, “Connected!”

My soul breathes a sigh of peace and power.