Last month my thoughtful husband gifted me (and our three daughters) with manicures for Valentine’s Day! Sweeter than a box of chocolates, getting our nails beautified was a special treat for the Wigginton women. Steve nailed it with one gift that fit us all.

Although the ministries God has called me to enjoy with teen athletes and chalk art worship don’t lend themselves easily to keeping “pretty nails,” I am one who likes to have things in my life “nailed down.” Being a “hands on” kinda gal I like to have a plan. I feel best when I can count things on my fingers (and toes if needed). I like to see all the puzzle pieces laid out on the table with a box top showing how they will all fit together. However, can we go ahead and hit the nail on the head and agree that “the more moving parts there are in your life, the harder it is to keep things nailed down,” right? As our children and life opportunities grow so do the number of variables that constantly remain “up in the air.”

Living Up in the Air

My Valentine’s nails looked fabulous—for about a week. But then life happened. While helping our daughter caulk and paint her first house, cleaning out our basement (yet again), and doing the usual “things,” my nails returned quickly back to their “natural” messy state. How many of you can raise your messy hands “up in the air” because you can relate to any of these current “up in the air” challenges?

  • A child’s chronic health condition that daily adds more questions than answers to our prayers.
  • Ever growing to do lists for the grocery, work, and home.
  • Continued grief and loose ends after losing my husband’s dad.
  • The next holiday, vacation, and family event that “momma” needs to coordinate.
  • Daily homework supervision.
  • Your uber mom job for—Practices. Lessons. Games. Banquets. Repeat.
  • Taxes, crazy stock markets, shady politics, and volatile world conditions.
  • That unanswered prayer you keep waiting for.
  • Never ending dirty laundry and unfinished house projects.
  • The fluctuating bathroom scale and unpredictable middle-aged spread.
  • Looming family decisions with uncertainty in front of each open door.
  • Friends and family needing your help with their messy lives.
  • A personal sin issue that you daily struggle to nail.
  • Going sideways with your spouse—keeping your marriage off balance.
  • A long-held dream that now seems like only a mist.
  • Non-stop meetings, schedule changes, more emails, and endless text threads.

And then there’s always—-That. One. More. Thing.

We live in a culture that applauds juggling as many balls as possible, don’t we? The more balls we can keep “up in the air,” the better, right? Well, my hubby can actually spin eight basketballs at one time, and juggle four (while keeping a hula hoop spinning around his waist)! Now that’s what I call multi-tasking! But even with hours of practice, Steve can only keep all the balls “up in the air” for a short period of time before they must land.

How interesting that in Ephesians 2:2 Satan is described as “the prince of the powers of the air for those following the ways of this world.” Satan specializes in keeping us living “up in the air.”

Nail the Landing

By contrast, in Olympic sports, gymnasts are applauded when they finish each routine or element by “nailing their landing.” Wow! That’s what my soul wants! Rather than live with everything “up in the air,” my heart desires to nail a landing point on our Solid Rock. The other day I actually prayed out loud, “God, I just need some things nailed down!”

I’ve heard it repeated, “The only thing that doesn’t change is that everything is always changing.”

This Easter season, God keeps gently hammering this pointed truth to my air-born heart, “Kim, I nailed my Son down on the cross for you. That’s all you need “nailed down” to live confident and secure today in this land of constant change!”

Yep, as always, God nailed it! Unlike the quote regarding change, there is ONE who never changes!

In Hebrews 13:8, God puts His hammer down, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

This spring, our hands and lives may look more messy than manicured, but today let’s be mommas and daughters who “nail it” in life as we release our grip on the ever-floundering expectations of this world and instead hold tightly to the never-failing nail-pierced hands of Christ! When our hands are in His, our lives will keep pointing everyone to the ONE who “nailed it” once and for all—for us! Because Jesus had His “nails done,” we have all we need, hands down!

Let’s Nail it with Jesus,

Kim Wigginton and the Heart of Womanhood Ministry Team

God’s Word is always our constant in this ever-changing world. If you and your daughters would like to experience a “hands-on” Bible Study that will keep you anchored—Heart of Womanhood has one just for you! Click on and learn to daily nail our landings with Jesus!