Father, May I?

Remember the childhood game of Mother, may I? It’s an activity where one child plays “Mother” while all the other children position themselves on the opposite side of the room or yard. Each playmate takes turns asking “Mother, may I take three large hops?” OR “Mother, may I take five giant steps?” etc. With each [...]

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Striving. to. Rest.

During the month of April, most school-aged families enjoy a week of spring break. As a mom of five, distance runner, XC Coach, and my dear friend, our Heart of Womanhood guest writer understands keeping a fast pace in life. Rest assured, Maria Grogan also understands the need to strive for rest! God knows too! [...]

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Turning March Madness into Gladness

It's March y'all! Can you hear it? It's the sound of the NCAA March Madness theme song playing on your TV in the family room. It's also the sound of the hamster wheel cranking up its velocity for spring? It's playoff and tournament time for winter sports while conditioning for spring sports has already begun. [...]

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Looking Back…

Each summer we look forward to more margins and more family time, right? This season also offers most of us needed moments of reflection---of looking back. July's Heart of Womanhood blog is written by a seasoned momma who looks back so her Heavenly Father can give her His perspective to live forward as a confident [...]

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Hope Springs Forth!

God has filled the heart of my "Old Kentucky Home" with revived hope during the recent grass roots revival at Asbury University in our bluegrass state. What ignited my hope most? It was the way God sprouted His spirit-filled outpouring through our Gen Z and Gen Alpha youth! You see-- the Heart of Womanhood Ministry [...]

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Wonder Women of Christmas

There’s a saying that goes, “It hit me like a mac truck.” How many of you can relate to that quote this holiday season? Well, this gal certainly can---literally. Last Thursday morning as I was walking in to speak at a high school FCA, I was literally hit by an SUV! The security cameras verified [...]

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When life cracks you up!

Do you like play dough? I do. I love both the feel AND the smell of it! Yep. I'm a hands-on kinda’ girl. From finger painting to cookie dough rolling, I love forming things by hand. Guess what's super cool? God does too! Our verse today paints a vivid picture of God as our "hands on" [...]

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Ladies of the Light

I’m still basking in the glow of some fall break fun with our middle daughter. God set the trees of the smoky mountains and our hearts on fire as we inhaled His breathtakingly colorful palette on bright display. In the hotel where we stayed, we slept much later than normal. Why? Because the window treatments [...]

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Sideline Moms

It's fall y'all! The weather is cool. The leaves are changing. Sweatshirts are welcomed. Another sign of fall for our family? Friday night high school football games! Because my hubby and I work in ministry with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we cheer on different teams in our city each week. The stadiums and school colors [...]

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