Better Homes and Gardens

As a young girl I remember seeing Better Homes & Gardens magazine arrive in our mailbox each month. Mom would take a break from her work to “sit a spell” and be encouraged by the practical articles and the pretty photographs. Seeing our stack of magazines on the coffee table was an inspiring sight. Why? [...]

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Trash Talkin’ Mommas

Tuesday is trash day at the Wigginton house. Yep. Every Tuesday morning, we roll our jam-packed trash cans to the street. And every Tuesday our wonderful trash and recycle guys carry away our collective mess. From the time our daughters were little, they looked forward to trash day. When they heard the huge truck rumbling [...]

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With Us

As mommas, we all need moments to simply pause and take a deep healing breath. Time to push the reset button. We need other mommas who remind us of what's really important---of WHO is really important! One of those friends for me is Lisa Stogner. It is our prayer at Heart of Womanhood Ministry that [...]

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Black Bear Prayers

During a short weekend trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, my hubby and I discovered that the black bear became far more visible and active since fires ransacked that region several years ago. Even though black bears are not known for attacking humans, their aggression escalates when they sense their cubs may be in danger. [...]

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Unexpected Adventures

In a world where we try to control as much as possible, one thing we know as mommas is to "expect the unexpected!" This month's From the Heart Blog is a creative dialogue between a mother daughter pair (Diane and Christina Cullen). As each describes her own unique perspectives on an Unexpected Adventure, we will [...]

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Trust Fall

We named our youngest daughter, Tress, because she is the third daughter (tres means three) plus she had tons of hair (tresses is another word for beautiful hair). I love everything about her name except for the fact that many people mispronounce it because of its uniqueness. One young man in her high school never [...]

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Missing the Mark in Motherhood

Our monthly "From the Heart" blog is designed to aim holy enCOURAGEment into the hearts of moms and daughters like YOU.  One of the quotes my sweet southern mentor repeated to me as a growing believer was, "Darlin'. Remember, God can hit the mark with a crooked stick!" That simple truth is such a relief [...]

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Raising Brides

June 2021~From the Heart Blog by Kim Wigginton I remember with a smile one evening when our preschool daughters were playing with their box of "dress up clothes." They excitedly walked into our family room for the first (of many) times donning white dresses and fancy "too big" shoes. Each had a white bath towel [...]

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The Exchange Zone

We frequently hear folks compare life to a marathon. Fair enough. Good analogy. But as a sports mom I'd like to expand that word picture to suggest that life is more like a track meet (a kind of marathon, right?) Any mom who has endured this spring sport staple knows what I'm talking about. Invariably [...]

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