PORTRAITS: All Six Frames bundle

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Buy 5, get one free! All SIX PORTRAITS Study PDF’s in one handy downloadable bundle for the price of five! That’s a huge basket full of blessings.



If you know you’d like to go through the whole PORTRAITS Study, why not save some money in the process?! This downloadable bundle includes our whole PORTRAITS Study series. That’s six different studies, each building on the one before, on the book of Proverbs.

You and your girls will enjoy drawing closer together as you review these studies:

  1. PORTRAITS Frame 1: Unveiling Noble Character (6 Lessons, 97 pages)
  2. PORTRAITS Frame 2: Building with Character (5 Lessons, 89 pages)
  3. PORTRAITS Frame 3: Counting on Character (5 Lessons, 82 pages)
  4. PORTRAITS Frame 4: Clothed with Character (5 Lessons, 85 pages)
  5. PORTRAITS Frame 5: Speaking from Character (5 Lessons, 96 pages)
  6. PORTRAITS Frame 6: Rewarded for Character (5 Lessons, 86 pages)

These studies will take 31 weeks to complete. When you’re done, you and your young ladies will intimately know whose creation they are and their immense value to our great King!

Portraits comes in an electronic format only so you can begin TODAY in three easy steps:

STEP 1: Order your study and immediately you’ll receive an email with your download linked as a PDF to be used on any electronic device.

STEP 2: Simply print your study materials. (Be careful to print only the front and back covers in color to keep costs down.)

STEP 3: Place your Portraits study in a binder and begin the Heart of Womanhood experience today!

*Please purchase one electronic PDF per leader


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