PORTRAITS Frame 5: Speaking from Character


Speaking from Character, Frame Five adds the dynamic dimensions of joy with laughter, wisdom with words, dignity with discipleship in order to develop further depth in our “Portraits.” By allowing God to fill our hearts with the biblical wisdom described in Proverbs 31:25-27, the mouths of moms and daughters will overflow, speaking from the noblest of character.



Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Frame Five speaks to the heart of womanhood so that women of all ages can speak from their hearts with noble character. Lessons voicing the truths outlined in Proverbs 31:25-27 overflow with fun as we make our own Digni”TEA”, babysitting buckets, homemade bread, and joy jars! Together we will be challenged to rise up in everyway to “model” Christ in our words and in our ways.

Read these lessons outlined from Frame Five and see if you don’t want to go tell someone about the fun you’re going to have!

Speaking from Character: Dignity to Discipleship

  1. Lesson 22: Dignified Stance – Embracing our God-given dignity communicates strength of character as we stand for Jesus.
  2. Lesson 23: Contagious Joy – Those who are filled with Jesus, experience His Joy both in the messes and when He blesses.
  3. Lesson 24: Wise Words – By filling our hearts with wisdom, the overflow of our lives will speak from noble character.
  4. Lesson 25: On Watch – Keeping faithful watch over others will result from our faithfully keeping watch for God.
  5. Lesson 26: No Loaf-ing – Idle words and ways will not rise up and form our character if we do not eat the bread of idleness

When God speaks to our hearts, we speak from His character!

Portraits comes in an electronic format only so you can begin TODAY in three easy steps:

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