PORTRAITS Frame 4: Clothed with Character


With splashes of bold color, God enhances each “Portrait” through the Bible Studies designed for Frame Four. Respect and relationships, fashion and fathers, closets and cleanliness are just a few of the primary topics that are creatively covered in Proverbs 31:21-24. By weaving God’s truth into the fabric of our daily lives, young women can live confidently clothed in His noble character.



In Frame Four, God’s Word clothes us with the practical truths sewn into Proverbs 31:21-24. In true PORTRAITS fashion, we will discover that our Lord’s life lessons never go out of style. Get ready to share smiles during a skin care class and closet cleanouts, making personalized pillowcases and friendship bracelets. Covering topics like clean faces and pure fashion, rest, respect, and relationships, this Frame holds God’s truths as the bar we can always hang onto with confidence.

Here’s a sneak peek into this Frames’ collection of Divine Designer lessons.

Clothed in Character: Fashion to Friendship

  1. Lesson 17: Snow White – Whether it is our faces or places, our homes or hearts, God empowers us to live clean lives.
  2. Lesson 18: Rest Stop – Painting rest areas into the canvas of our lives brings needed balance and strength to our frames.
  3. Lesson 19: Clothes Conscious – Clothed with fine linen or our favorite t-shirt? God wants us always clothed in His character.
  4. Lesson 20: R-E-S-P-E-C-T – When we LEARN to respect others we becoming women who EARN the respect of others.
  5. Lesson 21: Friendship Ties – Like strong sashes, God-honoring friendships support, protect, and decorate our lives.

Clothed in God’s Highest fashion, His noble character looks fabulous on every female!

Portraits comes in an electronic format only so you can begin TODAY in three easy steps:

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