PORTRAITS Frame 6: Rewarded for Character


The signature sessions in the PORTRAITS of Womanhood Series are found in Frame Six. The final brushstrokes of blessing, praise, purity, and beauty will be applied from mining the truths found in Proverbs 31:28-31. The completed PORTRAITS study culminates in personalized celebrations rewarding the noble character unveiled by the Master Artist in each of His “Portraits!”



This Frame puts the finishing touches on our Proverbs 31 PORTRAITS experience. By looking into the mirror of God’s Word from Proverbs 31:28-31, we will see His divine design reflected in our own lives. Frame Six is full of rewarding lessons. Together we will live both as blessed and a blessing to others. We will embrace our God-given beauty and our identity as His Bride.  We’ll learn how to enjoy our Great Reward and live “unveiled” as the amazing Portraits our Master Artist has created us to be!

As the crowning chapters of the PORTRAITS series, preview the jewels included in these final sessions.

Rewarded for Character: Blessing to Beauty

  1. Lesson 27: Bless You – As God’s Portraits women, we live blessed to bless others through our words and our ways.
  2. Lesson 28: Sir-passing Praise –Our lives can become a song of praise, composed to give God sir-passing glory!
  3. Lesson 29: BeYOUtiful Fear – In a culture where beauty is queen, discover what kind of beauty pleases your King.
  4. Lesson 30: Great Reward – Praiseworthy reward awaits those who say Yes as the noble Bride of Christ.
  5. Lesson 31: Portraits Unveiled – Portrait Parties reward the noble character unveiled by our Master Artist throughout this study.

Drawing closer to Jesus and each other, that’s a noble reward that we can treasure forever!

Portraits comes in an electronic format only so you can begin TODAY in three easy steps:

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