PORTRAITS Frame 3: Counting on Character


To further prepare each Portrait girl for embracing God’s sense of value, Frame Three Counts on Character. By investing in Proverbs 31:18-20, moms and daughters will draw valuable lessons on matters that count. From money and hospitality, missions and mercy, prayer and the poor, God’s “Portraits” find their personal value by counting on His noble character.



Many art collectors invest their time and treasure in securing valuable masterpieces. As moms and mentors, there is no greater investment of our lives than in the “masterpieces” God has entrusted to our care. Ultimately it is their noble character that counts both short and long term. Frame Three holds valuable lessons from Proverbs 31:18-20 that encourage us all to invest our money with wisdom, our homes with hospitality, our hearts in prayer and our lives in mercy and mission. By investing in each other, God will multiply our love for Him.

Frame 3 lessons will be a great investment in your valuable masterpiece. You can count on it!

Counting on Character: Money to Mercy

  1. Lesson 12: For Profit – Learning to invest wisely in both the earthly and the eternal makes our trading truly profitable.
  2. Lesson 13: Open House – Hospitality in our homes opens the door for God’s character to shine into the lives of others.
  3. Lesson 14: Hand-le with Prayer – Grasping God in prayer is the secret of hand-ling life with powerful character.
  4. Lesson 15: Arms of Mercy – God arms us with His mercy as we are faithful to open our hands to those poor in our path.
  5. Lesson 16: On Mission – Since everyone needs salvation through the nail-pierced hands of Jesus, we are women on mission.

Our profits will continue to increase as we invest in our PORTRAITS!

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