It’s the way your heart smiles when a dear friend opens the door and invites you in for an encouraging visit. You take deep refreshing breaths, finding a comfortable place on the couch. You’re in a place where you are wanted, loved, and secure; this place feels like “home.”

I pray that a similar sense of “welcome” is knocking at your door as you read this first blog. We are sisters in Christ. We are friends in the faith. You. Are. Welcomed. Here. The Heart of Womanhood ministry has a place set just for you and the girls in your life. Make no mistake, it is no mistake that you are searching for “state of the art” resources that will strengthen the “state of your heart” toward God and your daughter!

Heart of Womanhood is designed with a “state of the Heart” APPROACH!

As a young girl, I went through a coloring phase that I refer to as “my definition period.” In my coloring books, I would trace all the lines of each picture with thick crayon before filling them in with a rainbow of Crayola. Did any of you do this too? To be honest…sometimes I still do! It’s silly when we talk about defining our coloring, but it’s serious when we are defining our calling as women of God!

Unfortunately our culture has blurred the lines of definition when it comes to womanhood. The lines God has clearly drawn now appear faded in light of our society. However, by looking intently into the Bible through the Heart of Womanhood resources, you are welcoming God to take His defining crayon to the picture of your lives to reestablish (and perhaps re-define) who you are as His amazing woman. Whether in middle school or in middle age,  “Heart of Womanhood” bases how we define ourselves totally on what God says—on HIS WORD. As the One who designed us, we need to look to Him alone to define us.

God’s Word makes it clear that the “heart” really is at the “heart” of it all for each woman—for each person. If I asked you right now, “What’s the current state of YOUR heart?” “What’s the state of your daughter’s heart? What would you say? Are your hearts strong and steadfast? Or stressed and shaky? In Mathew 22:37, Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart…”

This same heartbeat of truth is repeated over eight times in both the Old and New Testaments. Why is the heart mentioned first every time? Because your heart is who you really are. If I say, “Point to yourself,” without thinking you point to your heart. So whether you feel as though you and your daughter are losing heart or have pretty healthy hearts, you can “take heart” because God’s Word through these resources can strengthen every Heart of Womanhood.

We intentionally designed each study to be super “easy to use,” complete with a “HOW- to” Heart Instructor’s Guide which includes detailed instructions. So don’t lose “heart” in the details. The “heart” of each study is simply to draw the hearts of moms and daughters closer to Jesus and each other. By intentionally seeking time in God’s Word together, He will draw our hearts close. Bottom line, ladies…simply lead with your heart! It is a commonly quoted cliché but the hearts of our next generation of women truly “do not care HOW much you know until they know HOW much you care!” By simply putting your heart into it, God will do His work as our “Master Heartist” to transform our hearts into His glorious masterpieces!