The Heart of Womanhood Ministry is drawn from Ephesians 2:10 which paints a personalized picture of how God views YOU saying, “You are God’s work of ART, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which He prepared in advance for you to do.”  

You are God amazing work of female art, His work of HEART! His Word powerfully projects the framework for both your identity and your destiny as God’s masterpiece. We are excited to have you join us for God’s incredibly good work, His glorious “unveiling” in each of our lives. Together we will enjoy exploring God’s gallery of truth and leave changed ourselves. As we unveil His Word together, His glory will be unveiled more beautifully in our own hearts and homes.

Heart of Womanhood resources are designed to unveil the glorious “State of God’s ART!

So whether you are a mom, grandmother, aunt, older sister, troop leader, mentor, youth minister, single momma, working momma, struggling momma…YOU. ARE. WELCOME. HERE. The Heart of Womanhood ministry is designed to add dimension and depth, bright strokes of color and community to your spiritual connection with the younger generation entrusted to your care. Regardless of your role, I welcome you to “come on in” and take a look around at all God has waiting for you in this gallery of opportunity. I thank you for the visit and pray that our ministry homepage always feels like home for you! Heart of Womanhood is a place where you are always welcomed. Loved. Secure…and honestly…you are NEEDED.

We need those who will fill the seats around kitchen tables, family rooms, in homes, churches and troop meetings across the country. We need people like YOU who will join us in strengthening God’s family nation-wide. Those who will faithfully unveil the amazing masterpieces God is making IN each of us…THROUGH each of us…and AROUND each of us as His female works of fine heART.

Heart of Womanhood ministry acronym “H.O.W.” is used frequently to begin an interrogative sentence…to ask a question. I pray that this “State of the Heart” blog has answered many of your questions as you take hold of God’s hand and allow Him to begin this work of heart in you and your daughters in the faith. The word “HOW” does indeed begin many questions, but the word “HOW” also begins many exclamations too!

In the same way, it is my prayer that these resources are the beginning of many moments of exclamation as you and the girls in your life discover…H.O.W. wonderful! H.O.W. fun! H.O.W. amazing God’s plan is for each Heart of Womanhood!

So let the unveiling begin! Together we as women of all ages from across our country can become a glorious picture of God’s United “States of Heart.”  That’s the heart of the Heart of Womanhood!