Set apart from the bookstore shelves filled with Bible studies that are heavy on theology but light on practicality, the heart of this ministry is to design creative “state of the art” resources to put feet to our faith, hands-on projects that weave biblical principles into our everyday lives.

Drawing moms and daughters together, Heart of Womanhood can help you experience God’s Word as personal, powerful and PRACTICAL!

Heart of Womanhood resources are designed for “State of the heart” APPLICATION!

The goal is to become LOVERS of God and His Word plus become DO-ERS of His Word! From hands-on lessons applying practical life skills, relational strengths, and spiritual disciplines, moms and daughters will have a blast making memories while training for the future as God’s prepared women. Lessons lived out in the grocery store and the garden, the kitchen and the closet, the church and the community all add up to women with powerful impact.

Because our lives are already so full, however, each Heart of Womanhood Bible Study is intended to be high on inspiration and application while low on preparation. If you can read, you can lead. It is intentionally written in a “read through” format. That way you and your daughter can easily enjoy these studies as a dynamic duo OR join other moms and daughters to form heart groups for intergenerational encouragement.

Either way, by simply taking turns “reading through” each lesson together you will enjoy the Bible Study, discussion prompts and practical activities that are creatively outlined in each frame of the series. Its flexible format also makes it easily adaptable. You may choose to select a few elements outlined…or all of them. You may want to adapt it for use with your church group or scouting troop, one-on-one discipleship or as a retreat resource. Using the Heart of Womanhood acronym (H.O.W.), we pray the step-by-step  “HOW to” format provided works like a “paint by numbers” kit finding the prompts you need to draw your Hearts of Womanhood closer to Jesus and each other.