“It’s state of the art!” When you see this phrase, you know that the product or service described is brand new, leading edge and up to date. It’s contemporary. It’s trendsetting.

Heart of Womanhood resources are designed with  “state of the Art” AVAILIBILITY!

Heart of Womanhood Ministry certainly embraces the “state of the art” label personally. We take it to heart! From the first brushstroke, our resources are designed to creatively draw the hearts of both moms (mentors) and daughters closer to Jesus and each other through fresh interactive Bible studies. Thanks to state of the art technology, these resources are easy to access.

With only a couple of clicks, you can download and print your first study in seconds. Your three-hole punched copy of each study will transform a common binder into a Personal Portfolio and become a powerful way to improve “the state of your hearts” beginning today.

No matter what your current state of heart (or what state you reside in) these resources are designed for Christ to determine the “state” you live in as His confident moms and daughters. Offering “state of the art” resources for moms with daughters (ages 8-18), the Heart of Womanhood Bible studies can improve the state of your hearts in a life-giving way!